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I’m Maria, Podcast Host and former Plant Killer.

I created the Bloom and Grow Radio podcast to learn alongside you as I interview experts in plant care and wellness to help us all Bloom and Grow our indoor jungles and lives.

Whether you are a plant killer, beginner plant parent, advanced plant parent, or even a horticultural expert, I promise… if you love plants, we’ve got an episode for you.

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Our commitments to you as a listener...

We wouldn't be here without you.  So here are our promises to you.  We will:

• Be relentlessly curious.

• ALWAYS ask the questions others may be embarrassed to ask.  No "dumb" questions in this community of plant friends!

• Lead with kindness and positivity.  No shaming or shade throwing here.  There's enough of that in the world already.

• Continue sourcing you, our community of listeners, for the topics YOU want to learn more about.  Have you taken the 2020 Listener Survey yet?

• Never take ourselves or plants too seriously.  This hobby is supposed to be FUN, not stressful!

Podcast reviews from listeners like you!

"As I started to get into plants and became a crazy plant mom, I found myself confused with all the information out here on plants and this podcast has helped me so much. She isn’t afraid to ask the questions we all worry about and have and the variety of subjects helps you become an expert. She has also set up such a nice and welcoming environment. Her voice is also so soothing and I love listening to her personal plant stories. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!"

"I love the host of this podcast. She’s so positive and genuine and the podcast itself is really beginner friendly and easy to understand because she always breaks down everything. I’m in the middle of a plant awakening and I love plants and am dying for more plant content. Bloom and Grow Radio filled that need for me! Thanks!"

"Maria has a genuine enthusiasm for all things plant related.She’s been on a roll with guests during The Quar, and I loved learning about soil science by way of the NYBG! If you’re just starting out, this is a great podcast to listen to. For those of us a bit more experienced, it’s a great vehicle for a little early plant parenthood nostalgia (remember the first succulent you euthanized?), and to acquire new knowledge!"

"I’m a new plant hobbyist and I’ve learned so much from this podcast. A fun and easy listen. I feel like I’m listening to a good friend while listening to the show. I patiently await every new episode."

"Would definitely recommend this podcast for some positivity and learning more about plants in such a chill atmosphere! Great for beginners, because she asks great questions but also good for experienced plant people because she brings on such knowledgeable and wonderful guests!"

"The jingle perked me up one day and Maria’s upbeat persona kept me listening. As the show has bloomed, I came to appreciate Maria’s joy at learning from her listeners and responding to them. The engagement is fantastic. I feel like I’m growing with the show. Great listening on my commute to work."

"I love this podcast so much! I listen to it daily while at work and it helps me learn about plants in such a relaxing way! This podcast is great for any plant-lover, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro- Maria has all the deats thanks to the amazing people she interviews. I recommend this podcast so much, I could give it 10 stars."

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