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Understanding Natural Light

Take the guesswork out of understanding your natural light and snag the Understanding Natural Light worksheet to measure and understand YOUR specific light availability in your home.  (This is a GAME CHANGER for both beginner and advanced Plant Parents!)

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Plant Parent Personality™ Test

Take the Plant Parent Personality™ quiz, and get curated recommendations for plants, projects, and podcast episodes inspired by your lifestyle to unlock your Plant Parent Potential!

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“Keep Blooming” Art Print

Up your Urban Jungle Vibes in your home or office by downloading the exclusive Molly Mansfield x Bloom and Grow “Keep Blooming” Print! Let me know how you style it by tagging me on IG! 

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9 Tips for Greening Up Your WFH  Office Space

Forget the cobbled together WFH set ups from 2020, and transform your work from 2021 home set up into a restorative oasis that you actually look forward to going to everyday.

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