Episode 02: Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners and Learning Kindness with The Sill’s Christopher Satch

  1. Nicole says:

    Hello! I just found your podcast and listened to episode 2. I had a few questions about what you and Chris talked about. I’d love more details on the soaking method in general and specifically, can this only be done with terra cotta pots/pots made from a porous material? Or can it be done with any pot with a drainage hole? Regarding a humidifier, I’d love recommendations for type/brand and tips/info on how often/location/etc. I loved his detail about low, medium and bright light. Very helpful! Lastly, regarding fertilizer, I think I’ve found that it is is important to avoid leaves when fertilizing because I recently had some burning on pothos and philodendron leaves after fertilizing. Is that correct? Or maybe its ok for fertilizer to get on leaves and I mixed it too strong? Loving your podcast so far!

    • Maria Failla says:

      Hi Nicole! I use the soaking method from any of my pots with holes in the bottom. I don’t have a humidifier recommendation but I believe that @apartmentbotanist on instagram does? the trick with humidifiers is just to make sure they dont get moldy! With fertilizer- you have to be careful as they can burn the plants if not mixed properly, so I’m guessing maybe you made it too strong? and yes, best to avoid leaves when watering if possible!

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