About Maria

I am a NYC based former succulent killer turned crazy plant lady with a passion to help you love plants as much as I do (or at least help you not kill them). How did you turn into a crazy plant lady, you ask?

 During my first 5 years in NYC, I killed about 20 houseplants that I tried to have in various apartments. I labeled myself a “succulent killer” and stopped trying to care for houseplants. Since I’m a musical theater performer, I was in and out of apartments and on the road with shows and didn’t think much of my black thumb and stuck with fresh cut flowers.

After traveling the country with the touring production of The Sound of Music for 8 months, I was able to come home to NYC when I got the opportunity to make my Broadway Debut in Cats! Joining Cats also meant that I would be able to move in with my boyfriend (finally) of 3 years! In our first apartment together, I wanted to “nest” and decided to try having houseplants again and started with an herb garden on our small balcony. With the help of my mom, I was able to have a thriving herb garden and several indoor plants.

That’s when I went crazy.

I found myself completely drawn to the tranquility and ability to “unplug” when I had my morning coffee surrounded my plants. They reminded me to keep growing and with the right amount of water and love, beautiful things can happen.

 Three houseplants quickly turned into 40 and I found myself devouring every plant care book on the market and talking about my plants and the lesson I was learning to anyone who would listen. When I realized there weren’t any houseplant care podcasts out there, I knew I had found my newest passion project! 

Disclaimer: I am learning with my listeners. I have no degree in plant science and thought. I was a Succulent killer 6 months ago. But I’m curious, have no shame and am not afraid to ask questions. I’ve lined up a list on incredible guests who are plant EXPERTS and give so much insight in plant care in our interviews. Follow me on the journey and let’s make our own urban jungles together! 

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