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I’m often asked what products I use in my apartment or recommend to my plant friends. I also get some fantastic discounts from companies for my listeners and wanted to create a space where they are all available to you. 

So here are the planty products and projects I’m loving these days! I hope they empower and inspire you to grow your own urban jungle! 

*Some of the companies are affiliate partners, meaning Bloom and Grow Radio gets a portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you. So it’s a fun way to support the show while supporting your planty dreams! Thanks!

Products I Love

Grow Lights

I have three grow lights in my apartment from two amazing companies which I am obsessed with.

Limey (my indoor bearss lime tree) lives very happily under the Soltech Solution 40W Aspect Light. It comes with an easy install timer that I have on a 12 hour on/off cycle.

 I macramed the cord to make the modern, sleek light look a little more bohemian.

My low/no light kitchen (no windows in my NYC apartment) has a thriving herb garden in it because of the
Modern Sprout Grow House.

It’s such an easy installation (literally plug in and click the preset timer) and the brushed bronze finish makes it look like a piece of art!

This is my favorite DIY project so far- my planty book shelf made possible by the Modern Sprout Grow Bar!

Check out my youtube channel for a time lapse of easy, quick installation. The Grow Bar transformed my “no/low light" bookshelf into a "high light" succulent paradise.

Listen to Episode 12 of Bloom and Grow Radio where I'm joined by my favorite plant scientist, Chris from The Sill, to talk all things light, growing plants indoors and basic photosynthesis 101... and also I ask him what wattage actually is :) 

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Click here and use code "bloom" for 15% off your purchase! 

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I’m still experimenting with what my "go to soil" is, as I’m still a new plant parent, but these are two brands I’ve had success with so far! 

I had great success starting my tomato plants from seed with the Espoma Organic Seed Starter Mix. I love that it’s organic!

I’ve also been known to use Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix for my house plants. I know, it’s not fancy, but my plants seem to be happy!

Listen to Episode 08 of Bloom and Grow Radio where I have "dirty talk with Darry" from @houseplantjournal, and we talk the in's and out's of soil and dirt.

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need help growing herbs and vegetables?

Gardenuity creates custom herb and vegetable kits tailored to your ZIP CODE. (How cool is that?) You go to their website, type in your zip code and their algorithm matches you to herbs and vegetables that will thrive in your area this  month. And if you don't have outdoor space, fear not! They have indoor kits as well. Their Gro Pro Service is filled with gardening professionals that are your support service during your entire season to help you have an incredible harvest. 

I have been growing and harvesting  their herb garden for over a month and have been blown away with the entire experience from getting matched, to the condition of herbs sent to my door, to the super fun kit set up, to the incredible customer service Grow Pro Partner, Lula, who has helped me with several questions I've had about harvesting and caring for my herbs. 

This company's mission to empower people to grow their own food (or cocktails), it's amazing female founders, and it's product really just makes me swoon :) 

Click here and go type in your zipcode to see what you can grow this season! 
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My first year 6 months I didn’t really understand that you needed to fertilize houseplants… so… still blooming and growing with this! Now that I routinely feed my plants, I've seen tremendous growth!

I was recently gifted some Espoma Organic Indoor Houseplant Food and I’m loving it! The bottle with it's pre-measured cap makes measuring and dispensing super easy, and I like that it’s specifically for indoor plants. 

Listen to Episode 18 of Bloom and Grow Radio where I chat with The Sill's Plant Scientist, Chris Satch about why fertilizing our house plants is so important.

Interested in learning more about fertilizer?

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