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REad More   I’m thrilled to welcome Nadia of Urban Farm Sista to the show today to discuss garden pests and her mission with the Agricademy. Nadia is the plant lady behind several amazing businesses and planty projects including the Urban Farm Sista Educational Social Media Platforms, Quiwi Produce and Agricademy. She graduated from […]

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Episode 96: Common Garden Pests with Nadia from Urban Farm Sista

REad More     I’m  so thrilled to invite my Soil Science teacher Dr. Anna Paltseva to join us today for a nerdy conversation about soil science and drainage. I took her Soil Science 101 class virtually with the NYBG this year and learned so much. I look at soil and the earth differently after […]

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Episode 95: Understanding Drainage and the Perched Water Table

REad More   On the heels of the #amplifymelanatedvoices initiative, we take pause to reflect on the national and international conversation happening around the Black Lives Matter movement and share some voices of beautiful Black Voices in our Plant Community from previous episodes that have inspiring and important messages, share resources and inspiration for how […]

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Episode 94: Growing Together

REad More   So thrilled to be welcoming Becca de la Plants and  SO MANY of our favorite plant-tubers to the show today on a epic cross media collaboration! I have become very curious about the Plant-tube, the Planty corner of Youtube, and decided to do a deep dive by reaching out to YOUR favorite […]

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Ep 93: The Wild World of PLANT-TUBE

REad More   Today we welcome back Marc Hachadourian from the New York Botanical Garden to the show! You might remember Marc from Episode 50: Maranta, Calathea and Stromanthe 101 where he gave so many amazing tips and tricks for caring for this finicky but beautiful group of plants. Now he is back for […]

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Episode 92: Begonias with Marc from NYBG

REad More   So excited to welcome my MOM back to Bloom and Grow Radio today! It feels very fitting to have her joining us so close to Mother’s Day! You might remember her from Episode 20: Talking Tomatoes when she gave us her Italian secrets to tomato gardening, and now she’s back to talk […]

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Episode 91: My Mom’s 10 Tips for Beginning Gardeners and Edible Landscapers

tips for edible landscaping and beginner gardeners
REad More   I’m so excited to finally welcome Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast to the show. Jane and I have both been podcasting for almost three years now and, if we do say so ourselves, are the OG houseplant centered podcast on the airwaves. It’s only taken three years and a […]

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Episode 90: Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast

REad More   So excited to welcome Toby Adams, the Director of the Edible Academy for the New York Botanical Garden onto the show to talk all things vegetable gardening! The NYBG Edible Academy is a state-of-the-art educational facility featuring hands-on activities and innovative programs that help children, families, teachers, and the general public learn about […]

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Episode 89: Fundamentals of Vegetable Gardening with the NYBG

REad More Today’s episode is simply me sharing things that are inspiring me in this weird time for our country. There is so much to be scared of, but so much to be thankful for and inspired by. A lot of people are feeling helpless and alone, and this is a list of ways that you […]

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Episode 88: Inspirational Stories and Ideas for Isolating Times: How to Help the Horticulture Industry Get Through

REad More   My Fiance, Billy, joins me today to give you the inside scoop on what the last year has looked like for us. As most of you know I left home for an entire year to travel with Cats the Musical, and Billy was left to care for all of our 150 plants […]

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Episode 87: My Fiancé Cared for My Plants for a Year While I was on Tour: Here’s What Happened

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