Click below and give a listen to #keepblooming & #keepgrowing! I am so excited to share the magic of our first live taping at Folia Collective in Los Angeles with my special guests Danae from Folia Collective and Christine from Work Hard Plant Hard. You will remember them from Episode 24 on How to Start a Plant Shop where Danae took us behind […]

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Episode 59: Live Taping: How to Cultivate Healthy Plant Community: Online and IRL with Danae from Folia Collective and Christine from Work Hard Plant Hard

  Click here to listen to the episode!    Plant Friends, I’m so excited to welcome Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn back on the show to talk about an issue we’ve all probably run into: finding a plant you love at a garden shop or nursery that doesn’t have a name tag… and what […]

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Episode 58: How to Identify a Plant with No Name Tagwith Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn   I’m thrilled to have Dave Hunter, the founder of Crown Bees on the show to talk about pollinators and how important they are for our environment. Dave is a native bee expert that shares so much information about pollination, bees in general, why the honey bee might not be the king […]

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Episode 57: Pollinators and Native Bees with Dave from Crown Bees   Today’s episode is a community episode, featuring YOU, the Bloom and Grow Radio Listeners sharing their stories and empowering and educating our community.             Plant Fails, everyone take a moment of silence to bow our heads for the plants we’ve lost in our plant parenthood journeys. Because plant friends… I don’t care […]

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Episode 56: Community Episode: Plant Fail Lessons

Plant Friends, I wanted to write this short blog to let you know about an adorable Airbnb I stayed in for the month that I was in Los Angeles. This little bohemian Jungalow style studio has brought me planty joy in addition to being in a super convenient location in Hollywood (right around the corner […]

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My Planty Stay in LA!   Today’s episode is a short and sweet Plant Side Chat about my first time seeing the Redwood Forest IRL. Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: Instagram and Facebook: @BloomandGrowRadio Website: Join the (free) Garden Club:  

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Episode 55: Plant Side Chat- Lessons Learned in the Redwoods   Plant Friends! I’m so excited to have my dear friend and Botanical Bro Chris Satch back on the show, to help demystify the atin names of our houseplants we love so dearly. Today we dive into plant latin, some history, troubleshooting, and learn LOTS of nerdy latin words. We hope this episode helps […]

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Episode 54: Plant Latin 101 with Chris Satch Today’s guest caught my eye on social media because of his incredible travel itinerary and his obvious passion for finding the plants we know and love as houseplants, in their natural habitats around the world. Michael Mittermeier is a passionate plant professional who has traveled the world and documents his findings of rare […]

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Episode 53: Plants IRL aka Nature and Monstera talk with @mickmitty

Click this link to listen to the episode! Today I’m joined by my plant friend Darryl of Houseplant Journal to discuss Low Light environments and how that affects our plants. Houseplant Journal is known for it’s amazing instagram account, blog and now watering can and his forthcoming book! His instagram bio says “an engineers approach to […]

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Episode 52: Soil Aeration and Thriving vs Surviving in a Low Light Home with Darryl from Houseplant Journal

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE Plant Friends, you’ve heard me talk about my “Plant Co Parent” on this podcast, you’ve seen in him in our Botanicals and Booze Happy Hour Insta-stories, or maybe in our most recent Wallygro Install insta-story, and now, it’s time for me to officially introduce to the love of […]

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Episode 51: How to Live with a “Crazy Plant Person”

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