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Bloom and Grow Radio is now on Patreon and I want to tell you why - Bloom & Grow Radio

Bloom and Grow Radio is now on Patreon and I want to tell you why

This podcast is one of the most treasured accomplishments of my life and it has truly been an honor to be a small part of your Plant Parenthood Journey so far! Over the past 18 months I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating over 60 free episodes and blogs and nurtured “the plantiest corner of the internet:” the free Bloom and Grow Garden Club Private Facebook Group, because my mission to help empower our community to help your plants (and yourselves) bloom and grow.

I have been thrilled to have created and funded the podcast on my own, with the exception of several sponsorships I’ve taken on in the most recent season of Bloom and Grow Radio. Because I’m very selective about which companies I work with to sponsor the podcast to protect the integrity of the show and it’s ads, sponsorship is proving to be helpful, but is still just getting started.

With our expenses growing as we do and after many requests, I am so excited to partner with Patreon to provide our listeners with the ability to support Bloom and Grow Radio! Your support will go to aid in the creation, editing, sound quality, and hosting of the podcast, and to help take this wonderful seedling of a podcast into its next stage of growth!

It’s time for me to ask for your help, my sweet Plant Friends. I’d love for you to consider becoming a “Plant Friend” of Bloom and Grow Radio on Patreon. This community is amazing. I want to keep creating these podcasts and expand to other platforms to continue helping you and fostering more community. Becoming a “Plant Friend” will help keep Bloom and Grow Radio free for everyone, so we can help as many people care for plants as humanly possible. How cool is that?!

We are kicking off our Patreon with one tier, at $4 a month, to be a “Plant Friend” of the show. (Less than a cup of coffee for at least those of you who live in NYC.) By becoming a Plant Friend now, you’ll be part of the community that will help me shape future plans for premium tiers on Patreon (I’m currently building out some VERY fun and planty ideas), podcast content and other products to serve our wonderful, planty community. Best of all, you will get first dibs on events, special releases, and the premium tiers of Patreon that you will help shape.

I look forward to welcoming you as Plant Friend of Bloom and Grow Radio and can’t wait to thank you in episodes to come!

Keep blooming and keep growing,


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