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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SURVEY Thrilled to be joined by Alessia of @apartmentbotanist to discuss growing a large plant collection in a small space and using humidity indoors to help your plants thrive! So if you have been listening to the podcast, you’ll know that I met Alessia  online when I was fawning […]

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Episode 36: Growing a Large Jungle in a Small Space and Humidity Hacks with @Apartmentbotanist

Click here to listen to the episode!   Very excited to be joined by Ryan from Dig It Gardens in Phoenix, AZ for a great discussion on Desert Plants: what they are, how they thrive outdoors, and how we can set them up for success in our Urban Jungles. Ryan has almost 20 years experience […]

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Episode 35: How to Grow Desert Plants Indoors with Ryan from Dig It Gardens

Click here to listen to our Plant Chat!   Diana Zarins is the mastermind behind the Instagram account and Youtube channel How To Succulents. She is a “black thumb” turned #succulentwhisperer with a following of over 70,000 followers who turn to her for succulent inspiration and education. Her Youtube channel has videos specifically about succulent […]

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Episode 3: How to not Kill Your Succulent and Learning Resiliance with Diana Zarins of How To Succulents

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