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Click here to listen to the episode!   I’ve been introduced to so many amazing companies and planty products this year, I have been blown away by the passion of many of these small business owners, and the amazing products they make to improve our Urban Jungle driven lives. I decided to share with you […]

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Maria’s Favorite Things / Holiday Gift Guide

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SURVEY Thrilled to be joined by Alessia of @apartmentbotanist to discuss growing a large plant collection in a small space and using humidity indoors to help your plants thrive! So if you have been listening to the podcast, you’ll know that I met Alessia  online when I was fawning […]

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Episode 36: Growing a Large Jungle in a Small Space and Humidity Hacks with @Apartmentbotanist

  Click here to listen to the episode!   We can’t have a month devoted to Friendship without having an episode on the Friendship Plant, the Pilea Peperomioides! We are so lucky to be joined by the founder of PIEP – the first commercial grower of Pilea Peperomioides in the US to discuss all things […]

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Episode 14: The Friendship Plant! The Ins and Outs of the Popular Pilea Peperomioides with the founder of PIEP

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