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    Click here to listen to the episode!   Meagan Rosson is the creator behind the Instagram account: plant_lady_is_the_new_cat_lady. Her two gorgeous cats: Mack and Brooklyn, are quickly becoming “Instagram famous” due to Meagan’s hilarious Instagram stories of their impressive acrobatics around her one bedroom apartment and their relationship with her growing collection of […]

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Double Joy: Plants and Cats and Poisonous Plants to Avoid with @Plant_Lady_is_the_New_Cat_Lady

Click here to listen to this episode! I learned about Summer Rayne Oaks when I first started researching “Urban Jungles” in NYC. She is a model/activist/entrepreneur who is famous for her Brooklyn apartment in which she has over 670 plants. She has dedicated the last decade of her life to being a champion for sustainable […]

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Episode 04: Summer Rayne Oakes: Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent and Practicing Patience

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