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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE Plant Friends, you’ve heard me talk about my “Plant Co Parent” on this podcast, you’ve seen in him in our Botanicals and Booze Happy Hour Insta-stories, or maybe in our most recent Wallygro Install insta-story, and now, it’s time for me to officially introduce to the love of […]

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Episode 51: How to Live with a “Crazy Plant Person”

  Click here to listen to the episode!   Happy News Years! Today I’m reviewing the lessons I’ve learned in all of the incredible conversations I’ve had over the 49 episodes of Bloom and Grow Radio. Man, I have learned so much! In the episode we discuss what I’ve learned about: Drainage Episode 08: Dirty […]

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Episode 49: Plant Parent Lessons Learned in 2018

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE   The Plant Side Chat Series is Maria’s love letters to the life lessons she learns in the garden. Today, Maria shares a story about the importance of pruning in your garden and life through the tale of her balcony strawberry plant.   Follow Bloom and Grow Radio: […]

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Plant Side Chat #4: Pruning

  Plant Friends, I’ve just closed in on a full year of caring for plants! Time freaking FLEW and I’ve learned so much, and devoured so many plant books that have helped continue my planty journey. I get questions all the time about what books I read when just starting out, so I put together […]

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My Favorite Plant Books So Far

Click Here to Listen to the Episode!   Today’s short and sweet Plant Side Chat is honoring my first balcony herb garden and the lessons I learned, since I just planted up my new garden for this upcoming season. One of my favorite stories to tell is the story behind our first Tomato Plant, why […]

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Episode 28: Plant Side Chat #4 : The Tale of the Tomato Plant

  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW   So today’s Plant Side Chat is short and sweet and is inspired by this predictably bizarre weather we’ve been having lately. The seasons are a changing my friends. For me, whenever the seasons start to really evidently change, it feels like a magical time where the […]

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Plant Side Chat # 3: The Changing of the Seasons

  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE   I’m so excited to celebrate my TWENTIETH episode with some very special guests today. Craig LeHoullier is THE Tomato man (@nctomatoman to be exact). After a successful career as a chemist in Pharmaceuticals, Craig began a new career as being one of the leading experts on […]

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Episode 20: Talking Tomatoes with Craig LeHoullier and My MOM

  Click here to listen to the episode!   Happy New Year everyone! Personally, 2017 was an insane and exciting year. It was the year I became a Crazy Plant Lady. It was also the year I was in my first Broadway show. 2017 also gave me the idea to create this podcast, which if […]

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Plant Side Chat #1: Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate

Click here to listen to the episode! Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla interviews different “Plant People” in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the […]

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Episode 1: The Story Behind Bloom and Grow Radio!

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